The absolute STRESS that is checking out from an Aldi and trying to load your bags as quickly as the checkout person throws them at you… nothing can compare.

If it wasn’t for their incredible products and low prices I would yeet myself out of that store as fast as their Special Buys sell out on a Saturday.

Aldi Australia is launching their first ever online store for their Special Buys range which changes everything.

If you’re new to the Special Buys dance that we all dance, every Wednesday and Saturday you’ll see masses of people lining up outside Aldi to get their hands on one-off products that the retailer sells for cheap.

As of 8.30am May the 26th, there will be an online store going live in New South Wales, Victoria and Great Metro regions of Queensland hopefully if it goes well, they’ll offer it to South Australia and Western Australia too!

As great as this is, the isn’t plans to make their groceries available online though which is a damn shame… but all in good time.