Freak Shakes have dominated the dessert market for too long. There’s a new yummy dessert that’s pushing to be our next favourite.

We all know Freak Shakes are AMAZING! They’re full of milkshake goodness and are decorated so beautifully you’re not even ashamed to snap away at your table.

But, if we’re being honest, I don’t think anyone has EVER finished one! And if we’re being even more honest… how many of us have just bought them purely for the Instagram photo? Am I right!? 

Well, now there’s a new dessert that’s not only so beautiful it’s Instagram worthy, but you can actually eat it! 

We are talking about Fairy Floss Ice Cream! The idea was first created by Jennifer Lam who owns and runs Sydney dessert bar Aqua S. She created an amazing sea salt ice which she smothered on top of a cloud of fairy floss. It’s sprinkled with popcorn and glazed marshmallows.

Now, the trend’s gone global with dessert bars all over the world copying. Take a look at the delicious treats. 


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