Pineapple is one of those fruits that are so delicious, especially raw, but we can never have too much!

They cause sore tongues, cheeks and lips for lovers of the fruit and now we’ve found out why.

It’s caused by a special set of enzymes in the fruit called bromelain – they break down proteins and essentially attack whatever it comes into contact with.

Although, once swallowed, your saliva and stomach acids overtake the enzymes.

You’re not alone if your mouth is sore after eating raw pineapple, but if you love it so much there are ways to get around this pesky problem.

This enzyme is only present in raw pineapple, so you can still get your fix if it’s cooked, grilled or baked – they all eliminated the enzymes, making it sweeter.

It’s also no secret that enzymes in fruit and vege break down proteins, fats and carbs – which is why pineapple is a great choice for a meat marinade, to break down the collagen in the steak!


H/T Cosmo

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