Ever felt guilty about sneaking a late night snack before bed? Well now you don’t have to! In fact, you should actually take peace of mind by the fact that you might actually be doing yourself a favour, especially if that snack is of the chocolate or cheese variety.

A leading nutritionist in the UK has claimed that eating chocolate and cheese before going to bed can actually help you get a good night’s sleep. THANK YOU SCIENCE!

These findings come after a study performed by Brit bedding company Time 4 Sleep saw dieticians and lecturers at Kings College London work together to identify the best foods to eat before bed in order to help you fall asleep.

And well, the results couldn’t have come back more perfect! Sophie Medlin from King’s College London, one of the experts who helped conduct the study, said that chocolate is full of the amino acid tryptophan, which encourages our bodies to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps control our sleep patterns.

“Tryptophan is the biggest influence on melatonin levels, an important hormone which controls our sleep patterns. Melatonin is produced in the brain and the amount of it we produce, and how efficiently our brain uses it, is affected by our diet,” said Ms Medlin.

“Chocolate is a particularly good source of tryptophan, so a hot chocolate or a little bit of chocolate before bed is actually really good for sleep, so long as you don’t over-indulge.”

Ms Medlin also said that cheese is a great food to help boost melatonin levels because it is rich in calcium.


You heard the woman! Time for a cheese platter or a warm hot chocolate tonight before laying your head on the pillow!

Looks like we should definitely say goodbye to that summer body we promised ourselves right about now…

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