So far the iconic Aussie ice cream, Golden Gaytime, has already been reinvented in a tub, as a cake and in cornetto form. 

What a time to be alive!

Doughnut Time is taking reinvention up a notch by creating Golden Gaytime-inspired DOUGHNUTS. 

The ‘It’s Always A Gay Time‘ doughnut is made using caramelised crepes filled with honeycomb custard and dipped in milk chocolate with crushed biscuits on the side.

The plan was to release them on Saturday, September 23rd, but due to overwhelming demand, you can get your hands on them NOW in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne (sorry Perth and Adelaide!)


The doughnut is also available for delivery through UberEats in Sydney and Melbourne and Sherpa.

In the meanwhile, drool over this…

How stoked are you that we live in a time of weird and experimental sweet treats and doughnuts? 

Head over to Doughnut Time’s website HERE


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