Instant noodles are meant to be a little unhealthy.

That’s a fact.

The man who created them Momofuku An created them to be a cheap, tasty product that would keep Japanese people full as food shortages hit the country after World War II.

In 2000, the snack was voted as Japan’s greatest invention of all time but now with the world in an obesity epidemic and consumers turning away from processed foods, it is all change.

Maggi has had to make changes as their research showed that half their customers are now picking their products up from the supermarket shelf, reading the ingredients list and then returning them to the shelf.

So the recipe has had to change.

It’s goodbye to the sodium, which has been recused by 55 percent and there are fewer preservatives and chemicals inside.


Plus, there’s good news for Gluten Free peeps, you now have your range!

“We’ve tried to focus on ingredients that people know and understand. When you see the ingredient list, we want it to be something that you’re likely to find in your pantry,” Maggi’s in-house nutritionist Vanessa Furlong told

“We’re taking out things like maltodextrins, modified starches and emulsifiers and replacing these with ingredients people recognise, like herbs and spices.”

The packaging has also changed. The healthy-sounding phrases, “Simply good for you” and “Know what is inside” are across the front.

It’s supposed to taste the same, but we want to know what you think!

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