We don’t mean to ruin your healthy eating..but..

Some of your favourite chocolate bars are being turned into spreads, for you know toast and eating directly off spoons.

Mars, the company who not only own the chocolate bar Mars, also own Twix. While Cadbury, of course, own Caramello and Crunchie. So, are up there with the geniuses behind Nutella.

Well, now..

They bring you spreads.

In three forms.

Twix Spread – it’s a chocolate spread with hints of caramel and biscuit that will taste amazing on everything from toast and biscuits to pancakes.


Caramello Spread – it’s self-explanatory, it’s just the best chocolate bar in the world in a spread. It’s the premiere spread.

Add in Crunchie Spread and the trio is complete. Chocolate and honeycomb just living happily ever after in a spread.

The only thing that matters is that we need to buy white bread and quick.

And the spreads.

Get all the spreads.