Domino’s has announced a new gourmet menu that’s set to challenge people’s ideas about pizza. According to Domino’s chief executive, Don Meij, the new menu will show consumers that pizza can be healthy. 

“This is all about challenging consumers to think about what pizza can be and to realise they can do more pizza occasions,” Mr Meij told AAP.

It’s the biggest shakeup the chain’s seen in seven years. Its new gourmet menu will include maple cured rasher bacon, slow cooked lamb and cherry wood smoked leg ham. 

The chain will opt to follow in the footsteps of Japan and use a vegetable product in Domino’s ham and bacon pizzas’, rather than nitrate.

“We are obsessed with making sure we have natural replacements,” he said.

Domino’s CEO has announced over 2,500 new cooks and delivery staff who have been employed to keep up with the expected demand. He aims to double the company’s Australian and New Zealand sales to $2 billion over the next five years. 

Domino’s will also add Korean spiced chicken wings, cheese croquettes and caramel fudge pie to his expanding side dish range. Ummm… how is this stuff healthy again!? 

The company aims to be 100 per cent artificial preservative free within the next six to nine months.

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