If you love you some pizza, you’re certainly not alone, which is why Australia has so much choice when it comes to ordering a slice – well, at least it used to.

Many are disappointed by the news that Eagle Boys pizza, Australia’s third largest pizza chain has called in the debt collector team.

The business has 120 franchises, which will continue to operate as a sale is negotiated.

The two major parties that interested in scooping it up? Domino’s and the umbrella company that owns Crust Pizza.

At its peak, the pizza chain had 340 stores but has slowly been closing them down.

“For Eagle Boys customers, franchisees, employees and suppliers it’s ‘business as usual’ while the Administrators’ review is underway,” the company said in a statement.

No word yet whether the franchises will remain as Eagle Boys pizza establishments after a sale is negotiated, or if they will be turned into either Domino’s Pizza, Crust – or something else.


Source: SMH

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