While people continue to panic buy items at supermarkets across the country amid the coronavirus outbreak, Deliveroo have jumped on board to help out where they can.

Typically the delivery service only brings customers ready-made food from local restaurants and cafes, but they have now announced that they will also help out those who can’t make it to a supermarket.

You can now order kitchen and household products from local stores and supermarkets via the Deliveroo app, making it that much easier to get basic supplies delivered to your door.

“We know that people’s day-to-day lives are disrupted right now because of Coronavirus, and we’re working hard to ensure we provide the best service to you during this period,” Said CEO of Deliveroo Will Shu in a statement.

“As well as food from restaurants and takeaways, you can also order kitchen and household products from local stores and supermarkets on the Deliveroo app, making every day life that much easier.”

Deliveroo also said that they have a dedicated team to assist anyone with inquiries related to the coronavirus outbreak, and have also introduced no-contact drop-off services.

This means that you can request in the app that your delivery rider leaves the food on your doorstep, so that there is no direct contact between the parties.


You can find out more about Deliveroo’s new services here.

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