We found recently out that Nutella uses one of the most contentious ingredients on the planet: palm oil.

Not only as there are some pretty serious environmental implications with the oil, but a European study has also linked it to cancer, if it isn’t produced properly.

Cue the world to freak right out.

So should we start to get used to the idea of Nutella making some big changes to its recipe?

The short answer? Nah.

In fact, Nutella isn’t having any of it.


They say palm oil is so vital in providing the creamy texture and “enhancing” its taste, removing it would completely change Nutella as we know it.

Palm oil is its second main ingredient after sugar.

“It is the best ingredient for giving Nutella the right smoothness, guaranteeing its special spreadability,” the company said on its website.


Nutella believes their use of palm oil is perfectly healthy, and giving in to the study’s ‘cancer’ claims would basically ruin Nutella.

So we either carry on and trust Nutella’s use of palm oil is perfectly healthy, or pressure them to change an ingredient that could risk its appeal forever.

via Foodbeast

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