When economic times are tough, lipstick sales spike.

The ‘lipstick effect’ is a thing and it’s a legit way to gauge the economy.

When times are tough, the head of Estee Lauder, Leonard Lauder, said sales in lippie increases as women boost their mood with an inexpensive lipstick purchase, instead of a pair of $500 shoes.

Further, the last few years even the lipstick market has copped it with a surge in lipgloss sales.

While we’re yet to see if the US election has had a direct effect at the cosmetics counter, one area that has increased in the (still emotional) wash-up is booze and food. Specifically, home delivered booze and food.

In the US, liquor delivery service Drizly reported an 86 per cent spike in sales on election day. However, they’re also eating their feelings about the political landscape. 

In the days following the results, food delivery sales skyrocketed. According to Market Watch, we’re talking Super Bowl-levels. 


Food delivery service DoorDash said orders for cupcakes surged 79 per cent and pizza orders increased by 46 per cent. Caviar, another service, said they saw orders for Mexican food shoot up 115 per cent. 

It didn’t stop there.

Compared to a normal Tuesday night, GrubHub (yet another food delivery service) noticed the following increases on election night in New York –

Tortilla chips – 412%

Barbeque chicken – 358%

Coconut sticky rice – 327%


Dumplings – 327%

The reason? GrubHub said that generally people get together with friends or family for “large cultural moments”.

Or they’re just trying to, you know, deal.

Market Watch

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