It’s one thing that shoppers apparently cannot get enough of and now Coles are changing up their range.

We are of course talking bananas.

Coles is set to offer a bigger mix of unripened banners to stop shoppers worrying about the fruit spoiling too fast.

The supermarket previously aimed to only stock yellow bananas but after surveying 800 customers, they found 70 percent only wanted to be able to buy both unripe and ripe versions of the fruit.

Depending on your storage methods, green bananas can last up to a week at home.


Coles fresh produce category manager Daniel Williams told the Herald Sun“We know customers love bananas, but they don’t like them when they get too soft, so they want to buy fruit that will be at its perfect level of ripeness later in the week.

“Customers have been very positive, especially elderly shoppers, who may find it difficult to go shopping more than once a week.”

The Australian Banana Growers Council says more than five million bananas are eaten each day.

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