Caffeine lovers rejoice!! Coca-Cola has launched not one but two new flavours and it’s got us absolutely buzzing!

Coca-Cola Australia have announced a new Batch Blends range designed to intrigue the tastebuds of adults everywhere with their two sophisticated flavour duos that combine the Coke taste we all know and love with COFFEE!!

Coca-Cola Australia Launches Two New Coffee Flavoured Drinks In Their Batch Blends Range

The Coca-Cola Bach Blends come in two distinctive flavours – Caramel and coffee and coffee and chocolate -. Both will be available at an exclusive range of bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants and are set to be an indulgent experience for consumers.

Both varieties contain a nice hit of caffeine (35ml per 250ml can) so you can really “taste the feeling” and what’s even better is that they’re part of the no sugar range meaning they won’t ruin any sort of diet!

“Coca-Cola Batch Blends have been crafted for the curious mind and those after drinks with more adventurous flavours,” said a Coca-Cola spokeswoman.


“This premium range gives Australians the chance to explore sophisticated tastes in social settings when out and about enjoying a drink or a meal with friends.”

The cans of the new flavours will only be available in 250ml size and they will come with a new look. Instead of the iconic fire-truck red we’re all used to, the Batch-Blends range comes in a cool grey colour.

Both flavours are said to be perfect on their own or as a mixer with certain cocktails.

But if you want to try one of the Coca-Cola coffee flavours you’ll have to keep an eye out as they won’t be sold at every generic store!

“You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled as we’ve chosen a limited selection of venues where Batch Blends will be ranged,” continued the spokeswoman.

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