In what can only be a nation first… there is a whisky that combines the unbeatable allure of both sweet and salty tones in a ‘Peanut Butter’ whiskey!

Excuse me, I just got lightheaded from excitement.

Sheep Dog Whisky has taken off in the US and UK and now they’re treating us right down under with their liquid gold product that honestly, is a revelation?!

Why has no one thought of this before?

The whisky boasts ‘natural peanut butter flavours with notes of vanilla and caramel corn with subtle oak and warm whiskey undertones.’



Stop talking dirty to me.

That sounds like exactly what I need to get through this long cold (isolating) winter.

Imagine… a peanut butter espresso martini?? No don’t, you’ll feel faint like I am.

You can get your hands on Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whisky from BWS, Dan Murphy’s and First Choice for $55 a pop as of… well now!

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