Some countries honestly have it all.

Tell me how it’s fair that Malaysia is getting a Brown Sugar Milk Tea McFlurry option at their McDonalds and WE ARENT!

In a campaign to bring Japanese flavours to the country, Malaysian McDonald’s are selling two new dessert products and they’re both absolutely… breathtaking.

The White Chocolate and Strawberry Pie is something straight out of my dreams…

But the Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry is something else entirely.

Chewy pearls with caramelised brown sugar swirled indulgently through the cup.


I don’t know why I’m going out of my way to make us all feel bad because we can’t get our hands on these, but I just had to share the news.

Should we petition Maccas in Australia to bring a little East Asian flavour to our menu please and thank you?


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