We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but it seems like Cheeseburger and Hot Dog-flavoured foods are becoming all the rage out of nowhere.

Not complaining, it’s a big improvement from the standard “chicken” flavour that never really tastes like chicken.

Baker’s Delight is the latest to get a slice of the Cheeseburger and Hot Dog action, with the bakery adding the two toppings to their mini pizza range.

You’re familiar with Baker’s Delight’s mini pizzas, right? They’re the guilty pleasure that you pick up for lunch when you don’t want a cheesymite scroll.

And these sound pretty delicious.

The cheeseburger pizza comes with chunks of beef, cheese, bacon pieces and a drizzle of gherkin relish.

While the hot dog pizza is topped with pieces of Frankfurt, cheese, bacon and mustard and apparently tastes just like a hot dog. Except it’s flat and round!


You can pick up the pair of new pizzas from Baker’s Delights across the country for $4.70, but you’ll need to grab them quickly, they’re only available for a limited time.

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