If you love your cheeseburgers, and have the ability to stomach (pun-intended) one the size of your head, then do we have news for you.

Australia’s largest cheeseburger has been discovered and it’s made at a place called ‘Johnny’s Burgers’ in Perth, Western Australia.

The burger topping the list of over-the-top, bigger-than-your-head delights is the ‘Burgerzilla’ bacon cheeseburger, which comes with a whopping 1kg beef pattie, ‘tons of American cheese’ and ‘bacon, bacon and even MORE BACON!’

It’s also on the menu as a ‘challenge burger’, which generally means if you finish it, you don’t pay.

The other ‘challenge burger’ is the ‘Demon’s Revenge’, which comes with a warning: ‘Not for the front hearted! WARNING: One hell of a kick in as a**!!!’


The man behind the movement is Johnny Wong and he’s become a household name in the Perth food scene.

Just SEE if you can take it…

Source: The Foodie Hub

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