If there are two things that just don’t belong together, I’m pretty sure they’re Vegemite and Ice Cream. Right? Turns out I could be wrong…

This was bad enough: 

Now, this Australia Day Mr Marshall’s Frugii Dessert Laboratory in Canberra will offer Vegemite Ice Cream.

According to the owner of the place, “It’s one of those tastes that if you ease back on it, it’s like an interesting salted caramel flavour,” 


When John Marshall heard Vegemite was returning to Australian hands he had an epiphany – why not make a Vegemite ice cream for Australia Day?

“I was quite happy to see something very Australian back in Australian hands – I think that’s a good move,” he said.

“I want people to be able to go ‘Wow, that is actually nice’, but some people will say ‘No, that just belongs on toast’.”


It turns out it’s not just a ‘thing’ in Canberra. British chef Heston Blumenthal‘s Melburnian restaurant Dinner will feature Vegemite ice cream on the menu this Thursday to mark Australia Day.


The dessert, which took SIX MONTHS to create, will feature a biscuit base with yeast salted caramel, barley chocolate ganache, verjuice curd and Vegemite ice cream. 

TBH, I’m pretty happy to stick with Pav or fruit ice blocks this Australia Day…


Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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