Arnott’s have today announced they have reinvented the Tim Tim (again), with a new range for fans who love doing the ‘Tim Tam Slam’.

The ritual involves biting the diagonal corners off a Tim Tam, dipping the bottom corner into a warm drink and sitting the hot liquid through the gap in the top corner, before slamming (eating) the Tim Tam.

The new range is being launched today, with three new flavours in the biscuit.

The limited edition range includes Chocolate Malt & Sticky Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut & Gooey Caramel and Dark Chocolate & Sticky Raspberry biscuits.

Research by Arnotts has found that 90% of Australians claim to eat Tim Tam’s, with 4.1 million of us eating them each week.

Tim Tam Brand Manager Matt Grant told the Herald Sun “We started with the flavour profiles of beverages then we worked with consumers to add a gooey strip that would enhance the flavour of the biscuit and the slam we know Australians love to do.” 


“We had a number of controlled rounds of research where consumers tasted the product … then we had consumers look at the concept and its appeal and the flavours to see how they would respond to that.

“We took that feedback and worked with our chefs to develop the right flavour profiles.” Mr Grant said the biscuit is the same shape and size, and the new flavours “got everyone talking”.

Tim Tam Slams are available now and will be sold at all major supermarkets nationally.

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