Why must companies interfere with recipes that are clearly working?

First Arnott’s changed the flavour of their popular Shapes Barbecue range after 40 years of blissful perfection.

People were NOT happy and they weren’t afraid to voice their disappointment.

Just as all that fuss seems to have died down, Arnott’s have gone and done it again, this time changing their Vita-Wheat biscuits.

Only this time it’s not the taste that’s changed, more so the consistency.

Every 90s kid will remember slapping a load of butter and Vegemite between two of these bad boys and then squeezing as much as they could until they saw the little worms popping through the top, it was the highlight of most school lunchtimes!


But now it’s no longer possible to act like a little kid because due to smaller holes in the biscuits the Vita-Weat worms are no longer a thing.

And so we bid goodbye to another longstanding Aussie tradition. It’s a sad day folks.

Source News.com

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