Espresso Martini’s truly are the pinnacle of all drinks. Alcohol mixed with coffee? What on this earth could possibly be better? NOTHING we tell you. Nothing.

If you agree with us then you’ll be simply ecstatic by the news that a festival dedicated to the cocktail is coming to Sydney this weekend!

The Espresso Martini festival is being held by Mr Black, a NSW-based cold-pressed coffee liqueur held at the Park House in Mona Vale between Friday December 6 until Sunday December 8.

And it’s set to be as delicious and highly caffeinated as it sounds! Along with the Espresso Martini will be a coffee negroni, coffee spritz and coffee cherry cola.

Feeling a little extra? You can also get a salted caramel espresso martini made from a frozen espresso martini and the caramel deliciousness that is Caramel Koalas.


There will also be plenty of food on offer for you to eat while you devour as many cocktails as humanly possible. There will be tacos, wood-fired pizza and even espresso martini gelato. We’ll take one of each we think!

Entry will be free but you’ll need to RSVP if you’re planning on going on the Saturday or Sunday night.

You can also purchase a VIP ticket which will include your first drink and a martini masterclass in the price.

Mr Black Espresso Martini Festival runs from 4pm on Friday, December 6, then from midday on both Saturday December 7 ad Sunday December 8.

Find more details on the website here!

And remember, drink responsibly!

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