If ever there was a festival that described who we truly are as a person it’s this one.

Espresso martini’s practically run through our veins and old school bangers from the 90s are our go-to dance tracks – and so you can imagine our excitement when we heard about this festival dedicated to both!

Taking place at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney is an Espresso Martini Festival with nothing but 90s dance tunes playing the entire night!

It’s taking place on Friday February 7 and will kick off the night with all of your favourite old school hits by the No Scrubs DJs rom 5pm.

Yep we’re thinking Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Smashmouth, Aqua and even some Blink-182 for you to dance your heart out to!


For all of your caffeine and boozy needs there will be the classic cocktail, a Golden Gaytime version and even a double choice chip martini to sip down for no more than $10 a drink!

You can score your tickets to the festival here!

We’ll see you there in our best 90s outfit ready to sip on some espresso martini goodness!

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