When you go the supermarket to do your weekly shop, there’s nothing worse than not being able to tick everything off the list all at once. It’s a somewhat painful first-world problem. 

It’s widely agreed that with ALDI, the thing they’ve been missing is a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Most people go to ALDI for their super sweet bargains then head to alternative supermarkets for fresh produce.

Things are about to change for the better! 

Last week ALDI announced that they were launching a skincare line with nothing over $20, now they’re about to tackle supermarket rivals head on by overhauling their fresh food category and supply chain.

According to The Australian, “The supply chain overhaul, which will take between six and 12 months to complete, will transform Aldi’s sourcing of fresh fruit and vegetables to something similar to its heavyweight competitors Woolworths and Coles”


It looks like ALDI could become a one-stop destination for Australians!

Will you make ALDI your one-stop shop for groceries, or do you think they’re still missing certain products? 

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