Mariah Carey’s diet sounds exactly as she says: “really hard” and “you would hate it”.

All she eats is salmon and capers.

TBH, we don’t know how she is still alive.

But it’s not the first time a celebrity has admitted to a diet that is, frankly, bonkers.

Here are some other diets that no one should try, like ever.

The Baby Food Diet

OK, you might think that this has a bit of merit, I mean, it’s stuff like pureed peas, carrots and apples but hey, we’re also talking baby-sized portions… not sufficient nutritional value for grown-ups.


The Raw Egg and Milk Diet

In 1952, Marilyn Monroe told Pageant magazine she had been told that her eating habits were “absolutely bizarre”.

Monroe ate raw eggs whipped in warm milk every morning for breakfast and that was pretty much it until dinner. It was also understood that she capped off each evening with a hot fudge sundae.

The Victoria’s Secret Diet


It’s a wonder supermodel Adriana Lima even makes it down the runway. In the days leading up to a VS show, the only thing she puts down her gullet are protein shake concoctions, which include powdered eggs. Oh, and no solids. Not great.

The Werewolf Diet

So far, if we followed any of these plans, we would have the rage of a werewolf. But this one, which has been tried by Madonna and Demi Moore, is eating based on the lunar calendar, starting with a 24-hour juice fast during a full moon. Specific regimes are tailored around the phases of the moon.

The Air Diet


It’s exactly as it sounds: the belief that we humans can live on sunlight alone. Tip: we can’t. It does, however, allow for a salt and water soup that sounds downright nutritious and satisfying.  Madonna apparently tried this one too.

The Taylor-Made Diet

In 1988, Elizabeth Taylor admitted that to maintain her weight, something she struggled with, she would eat some pretty normal foods, like fish, veggies and fruits… but in weird combinations.

In her book, Elizabeth Takes off, she described how she would eat tuna with tomato paste, grapefruit and mayonnaise and peanut butter and steak sandwich. Yes, PB and steak.

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