1. We don’t know where they come from!
Can you believe Candy Canes have been around for over three centuries, but we don’t have any definites on their origin?! Some people argue that the are a symbol for Christianity – with the J shape representing Jesus’ name…

2. Candy Canes used to be all white
The red stripes we all know only came to Candy Canes at the start of the 20th century – prior to that they were pure white canes.

3. It only takes 3 ingredients to make them
Any guesses to what they are? Sugar… corn syrup and flavouring. However, it’s a long process and it’s much easier to buy them at the shops instead of trying to make them yourself!

4. The world’s biggest Candy Cane was 15.54 METRES long!
And that is the current world record too! It was crafted in 2012 by Chef Alain Roby in Geneva.

5. Massive amounts are made each year
They are the number 1 selling sweet after chocolate during the festive season. More than 1.76 billion are made each year!

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