Coffee addict? Today is your lucky day! 

If you don’t already drink coffee, you should probably start because coffee has a lot of weird and awesome effects on the body. 

However if you drink TOO much, it’ll end up being your worst enemy. 

If you consume a cup or two of coffee a day and don’t go overboard, here’s a list of how your coffee is helping you! 

Your Brain Kicks Into Overdrive

Coffee is a stimulant so that first cup in the morning turns us from zombies into humans capable of completing complex tasks. Within 30 minutes of having a cup of coffee, the caffeine helps to modulate the neurotransmitters that allow us to think, meaning we concentrate better! Again, too much coffee will jump straight from zombie to anxious and jittery, making you sleepy. So, in moderation, coffee is great for your brain. 

Your Blood Pressure Rises 


Bet you didn’t know that coffee increases your blood pressure! So, if you’re pregnant or already have high blood pressure, steer clear. 

Coffee Will Make You Poo

When you drink coffee, your bowels are stimulated and you’ll be headed for the toilet pretty soon afterwards! If you’re yet to eat, this may cause diarrhea which is risky for people with IBS. 

Your Vision Will Sharpen 

Because coffee stimulates adrenaline your pupils will dilate slightly leading to temporarily sharpened sight. Essentially, coffee ould make up for all those carrots you didn’t eat when you were younger! 

You’ll Have Better Work Out Stamina 


Studies have proved that caffeine boosts your muscles and endurance when working out. Just one cup of coffee can help people exercise for a third longer and can prompt the body to burn energy from fat. YES PLEASE! 

Source: BUSTLE

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