If you love your food, no doubt you love treating yourself to some crunchy, golden-fried, delicious chicken – and you’re certainly not alone.

Inspired by the dirty South, many Sydney restaurants have started serving the battered deliciousness on their menu – with no signs of slowing down. Best when served with slaw and a delicious dipping sauce, if you haven’t already – you need to check out Sydney’s best offerings… ESPECIALLY the fried chicken and waffles!

#1: Mary’s, Newtown

With delicious offerings like trashcan bacon burgers and the creamiest, most delicious mashed potato you’ve ever come across, you’ll be happy to stand in line with the rest of them.

#2: Panama House, Bondi


You can’t go past the Southern fried chicken at this place! Marinated in buttermilk and enclosed in a crispy, cajun-spiced shell, you’ll be BEGGING for more!

#3: Moon Park, Redfern

This modern Korean cuisine is some of the best in the business and the fried chicken is the bees knees too. Their latest offering is shrimp brined fried chicken in soy and syrup with fresh manjimup truffle shaved on top. YUM!

#4: Surly’s, Surry Hills


Think big pieces of authentic fried chicken – like it’s from the dirty, dirty South – and you have Surly’s. With an all American menu, this is the ultimate Fat Friday treat.

#5: Johnny Lobster, Crow’s Nest

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The waiters said to us open entry, “The chicken is so good, it could have been called ‘Johnny Chicken’.” Short answer? They were right…

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