When it comes to losing weight, the element that people struggle with most is portion control.

We can’t seem to stop even once we’re full, as the temptation of more food is too strong of a pull.

So, in order to quash those irritating hunger pains and resist the temptation to keep eating, you need to focus on eating foods that will keep you fuller for longer and release sustainable energy throughout the day.

Here are five foods to get on your shopping list ASAP

Eggs – they’re packed with a whopping 16 per cent of your daily protein needs, plus they contain way more essential nutrients than any sugary cereals.


Avocado – Jam packed with healthy fats, avocado is also high in fibre and essential nutrients meaning that it can eliminate hunger pangs.

Coconut – Coconut milk and coconut oil contain fat-burning fatty acids, which control the appetite as well as helping your body to burn more fat.

Chilli – Chilli helps to speed up your metabolism and helps to burn more fat. It can also supress your appetite for up to five hours after eating.


Almonds – Packed with over 15 essential nutrients, almonds are the ultimate snack. According to a report on the Daily Mail, they have been shown to aid weight loss by generating satiety.

Source: Daily Mail

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