Whether you live in a share house with friends or are on a tight budget, it pays to know how to get the most out of your food.

If, like me you’re a stickler for use by dates and would rather eat lollies and dirt over food that’s anywhere near said date – then this is a piece of good news.

There are 10 foods you can consume after their use by date – you just never knew it!

Find out what they are:

#1: Milk

Milk, if it’s pasteurised will keep for 50 per cent longer if you store it at a cooler temperature. Try storing your milk at the back of the fridge instead of near the door to help it last longer.


#2: Eggs

If eggs are kept at a temperature of below 5 degrees celcius, they can actually last for three to five weeks!

#3: Honey and Jam

Sugary foods like jam and honey are safe to be consumed – almost forever!

#4: Crisps


If you don’t mind a lack of crunch, crisps are so highly processed and loaded with salt that they’re safe for a long time after the use by date.

#5: Biscuits

Like crisps, biscuits are so highly processed that they’re safe for ages. If they taste soft or soggy, bring them back to life by giving them a quick zap in the oven!

#6: Dry pasta


As long as they’re kept in air tight containers, they’re good to go for ages!

#7: Bread

If in the freezer, it’ll last for months, just cut off moudly bits if they happen to creep through – but shouldn’t if your freezer is cold enough!

#8: Canned food

Strong canned foods in a cool, dark place will substantially expand the shelf life.

#9: Packaged salad


As long as the leaves aren’t mouldy (wilted is okay) they can be revived by popping them in ice cold water!

10: Chocolate

Due to the sugar content and highly processed nature of chocolate it can last for AGES. Sometimes after a while a white coating forms on the top, this is just the fat melting and rising to the top.

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