The whispers started “an El Jannah sign has appeared in Newtown“, they said. The whispers became a murmur, then a cheer when El Jannah confirmed they were bringing their signature Lebanese charcoal chicken and iconic garlic sauce closer to the city.

After weeks of waiting, it’s finally here, El Jannah opened their Newtown store earlier this week, debuting the first “Express” outlet, focused on the fast-service, delivery-centric inner-city, meaning it’s easier than ever to get their chicken at your door than ever.

Alongside their inner-city debut, El Jannah has also introduced fried chicken drumsticks and tenders to their menu. For now it’s exclusive to the Newtown store but here’s hoping it comes out west too!

The new drumsticks are available in three, five and ten-packs, but don’t go doing unnecessarily complex maths problems to try create impossible combinations, or anything like that. The rest of their menu is available as-usual, so your normal assortment of rotisserie chicken, hummus, babaghanoush and burgers are all still there!

The store is open until from 11AM to 11PM all week, so it’ll be there to support your late-night cravings if you need. There are a few seats inside but it’s designed to be perfect for takeaway. El Jannah Express is at 156-158 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, just look for the green sign!

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