You might have noticed that Jackie is still broadcasting the Kyle and Jackie O Show from home (what with all that construction noise that sometimes sneaks into the background) despite the fact that a lot of restrictions are starting to ease in NSW.

And this morning Jackie decided to clarify why with a heartfelt message to all parents out there.

“She’s at home still,” Kyle said during the opener this morning. “Isn’t everyone else in the world back at work?”

Jackie explained that he physical absence from the studio has nothing to do with the restrictions or social distancing, but is actually because of her daughter Kitty.

“Yeah look I know, people keep saying, ‘Why is Jackie still at home?’,” Jackie said. “It’s not because of the iso stuff.

“It’s just because honestly I really love being able to spend time with my daughter, and I’ve never been able to do that before during the week.

Normally Jackie would be leaving the house at the crack of dawn to come into the studio, meaning she misses the time when parents would usually make their children breakfast and help them get ready for school.


She said that other parents shouldn’t take this time for granted because she really wishes that she could spend that time with Kitty more often.

“I’ve never had the opportunity for her to like be here in the morning. I’ve never had that because of my job,” Jackie continued.

“I think most people hate that part. The franticness of getting ready,” Kyle replied.

“Well I say to those parents, don’t take that for granted,” Jackie said. “Because I love that stuff, because I’ve not had it. So for me it’s such a treat to be able to do that and I just think while I can do this, I’m doing this.


“So it’s nothing to do with with me, oh I couldn’t be bothered coming into work. It’s about my daughter.”

Aww how sweet! We reckon a lot of parents, especially after iso, can’t wait to get out of the house and have a break though…

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