You’d think after 20 years working together that Kyle and Jackie O could trust each other with their lives, but Jackie certainly didn’t sound too sure of this fact this morning when we put it to the test!

To celebrate their 20th year on air together, we decided to see if Kyle and Jackie really have faith in one and other with a series of trust tests – the first being a simple trust fall live on air this morning!

And we have to say, we’ve never heard Jackie sound more nervous!

“Kyle, I’m shaking! But I really trust you,” Jackie said rather unconvincingly this morning.

In case you’ve never done a trust fall yourself, you stand with your back to someone with your hands folded over your chest. You then have to allow your body to fall backwards and trust that the other person will catch you.

It sounds so easy, but we’ll admit even the bravest of people would surely feel a moment of nerves as they allow their body to start falling…

So did Jackie go through with the trust fall? And if so, did Kyle catch her? Check it out in the video above!


Our trust tests continue tomorrow as Jackie attempts to give Kyle a haircut live on air!

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