Despite Easter being more than three months away, supermarkets have already been spotted selling hot cross buns!

Yep, Coles has begun selling hot cross buns but with a new name: Boxing Day buns.

You can now pick-up the buns in fruit, chocolate, apple and cinnamon and fruitless varieties.

But naturally, many people are concerned that it’s too soon for them to be hitting out shelves.

“At least wait until the new year……just had Christmas for crying out loud,” one person wrote on the Coles Facebook page.

“Boxing Day buns! Don’t insult my intelligence by calling them anything but what they are EASTER Hot Cross buns,” added another.

However, Coles has backed their decision.


“They used to be an Easter-only treat, but our bakers are constantly being asked by customers when they can get their hands on our hot cross buns,” Coles category manager Frederick Hancock told

“We’ve seen early sales of hot cross buns soar in the few days before 1 January, so we know that a large proportion of our customers want to enjoy these delicious treats as soon as possible”.

What do you think? Too soon or not soon enough?

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