Sydney had its run and now it’s Melbourne’s time to delight in Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’ Live Strip Show!

It sounds a bit naughty, and honestly… I think it is.

The show was created after the success of the movie, with Channing Tatum choreographing the whole show much like he did in the film.

The man is quite a talented dancer if you didn’t already know as well as being an ex-stripper, he’s brought his whole arsenal of tricks.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Tatum revealed that “We’re making the show a whole lot sexier for our Australian fans.”

“In my experience, there’s a completely different way Aussies talk about sex, and men and women, and dating… I don’t really have a way to describe what that is, I just know it’s different to how we talk about sex in the States. Aussies are raw and real about it.”

Good guy Channing Tatum was also ready to talk about the hard-hitting issues in his interview too, discussing his how his show works in the current environment for women and consent.


The live show he’s created was built off the guidance and consultation of female focus groups, Tatum added, “You find me a guy who says I know exactly what women want, and I’ll be like, ‘You are either lying or entirely delusional. You can’t know. You can try to guess. But my reaching out to amazing women, we found a direction to go in.”

The show is what it is, a Live Strip show so it can get all up in the audience’s personal space… in fact, it’s almost guaranteed but Channing Tatum wants his audience to feel safe at all times so he even has a safeword for them if you say ‘unicorn’ when you’re getting danced on the dancer will immediately move on so you’re not uncomfortable.

Channing Tatum is a god amongst men and you can’t change my mind.

You can book tickets to the show here:

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