It’s been slim pickings for anyone heading to the supermarket for the daily shop recently.

Essential items like toilet paper, rice, pasta, paper towel, hand sanitiser and MORE have been completely stripped from the shelves as people across Australia thought it would be a good idea to start hoarding.

The panic buying came out of fear that supermarkets would run out of the items and we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on them. But now we can’t get our hands on them anyway, and ironically the panic buying itself is at fault.

Coles have today given the Today Show a visual glimpse inside their big warehouse in Melbourne, which shows that they are completely stocked to the brim with things like toilet paper and other essential items.

So then why isn’t this getting from the warehouse to the empty shelves?

Well, Coles have said that the stock is arriving and being sent to stores every 24 hours, but their delivery trucks are seriously struggling with the demand.

“Your distribution centre is full to the brim, but we’re just not seeing it on our shelves. What’s the main issue?” Today host Karl Stefanovic asked Coles Chief Operating Officer Matt Swindells this morning.


“The main issue is two-fold really,” Mr Swindells answered. “The first is the demand levels are in excess of Christmas and they have been now for almost three weeks.

“We will take about six months to plan the inventory movements of one Christmas event and clearly this event has started from scratch three weeks ago.

“The issue is that the demand is incredibly high and remains high.”

Mr Swindells reassured everyone that they have plenty of stock as suppliers produce more goods than ever and they are continuously moving record volumes of products into their stores.


The issue isn’t about the amount of stock available. It’s about the unnecessary amounts people are buying and the time it then takes to get the new stock to the shelves.

“We’ve never had more stock available or more resource at our disposal, but the issue is the time it will take to move all that inventory through the system,” Mr Swindells continued.

“Everyone just needs to settle back to their normal routines and time and the great work that the teams are doing will bring normality back.”

The message is clear people: STOP. PANIC. BUYING! If you start shopping normally again, there will be plenty of stock to go around.

This comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged people to stop panic buying during his coronavirus press conference yesterday, telling us that it was “un-Australian”.

The panic buying has seen supermarkets have to impose restrictions on certain items and has even seen multiple instances of violence break out in stores.


But the answer to all of these problems starts and ends with us. We’re literally bringing this headache on ourselves…

Find more details in the video above!