You can never have enough storage in your home, and one savvy mum has shared her recent DIY project that has made her kitchen much more efficient. 

Taking to the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group, Jen shared images of a brand new “slide out unit” she built using materials from Bunnings to get use out of the space between her fridge and the adjacent cabinet.

“Pretty happy with the slide out unit,” she wrote in an accompanying caption.

“Made from scratch by me to make the most of the space at the side of the fridge.”

Her tip for anyone who wants to recreate the project was to purchase straight wheel castors to help the cupboard slide in and out.

Whilst the cupboard was quite thin, she was able to fit items such as cans of beans and jars of stir fry sauce.

Other members of the Facebook group were very impressed with her handy work.


“Now that’s clever,” one person wrote.

“I’m getting my tape measure out right this second. Thanks for the idea,” another added.”

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