A letter to my teenage self

Ahhhh Bec….. I’m here from your future (doing a job you would never have pictured yourself doing at this young stage in your life) to give you some words of wisdom to help steer you through the formative, sometimes challenging teenage years.

But, I’m here racking my brain, trying to think of something to say because really, you’re doing a great job kid. You have nice friends, a loving (somewhat dysfunctional) family, you’re responsible, you’re a hard worker, you’re happy, you’re healthy and you’re kind.

I think your main concerns at this point in time, luckily, are fairly typical of teenage girls:

  1. Your lack of boobs: Don’t worry, you’ll discover as a breastfeeding mother that G cups aren’t for you and that being a member of the itty bitty titty committee is more your style. So you can stop praying to God every day about this because it will all work out. Trust me.
  2. Your long, lanky frame which lacks any kind of womanly shape: You always have and always will look this way. Brace yourself because no matter how often throughout your life you defend the body type you were born with, people will still have an issue with it because actually, they have an issue with themselves. Your healthy, lean, strong body will actually be your most powerful weapon in life. Not only will it allow you to travel the world and make some serious coin, but more importantly, it will effortlessly create the 4 most wondrous, fantastic human beings who will ever walk the earth.
  3. You kiss boys but you don’t have a proper boyfriend and all your friends do: Pffft, who needs boys anyway. Certainly not you. You’re too busy playing netball, being a straight-A nerd and making pizzas at Pizza Haven to have time for boys. But seriously, all you need is ONE boyfriend and he will be the most amazing man you will ever meet. Be patient.

That’s it mate.


And a parting note – stay away from cheap tequila and put the eyebrow tweezers away- they are doing you no favours.

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