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It’s never been so easy to to turn your existing experience, or overseas qualifications into a nationally recognised qualification.

Thanks to Qualify Me! you can take their free skills assessment and then fill in any knowledge gaps with their super fast process.

After taking the test, they will help you gather a portfolio of evidence, and then be in touch for a skill check call, and if required, a practical observation. Then, you’ll score your certificate!

Over the last few years, Qualify Me! have seen an increase in the number of females taking up trades qualifications – from tiling and plumbing through to automotive, painting, and business & management.

The beauty of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) approach is that candidates may have gained the knowledge and understanding needed during previous work experience.

For example, someone who has spent many years working as a PA within an office setting will have developed many skills that are considered to be part of a qualification in business administration.

So what do you have to lose? Check out the Qualify Me! website and take your free skills check today!