Woolworths has started to test a ‘car wash’ for your shopping trolleys, which will allow shoppers to disinfect their carts in just two seconds.

TikTok user SezzaRellaRuby shared a video of the ‘trolley disinfects’ from her local Woolies in Sydney.

The video shows a trolley being pushed into the ‘cart washer’ before a button is pressed.

A mist of sanitiser is then pushed onto the trolley before it is released.

A Woolworths spokesperson said “As a food retailer, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene in our supermarkets including the thorough cleaning of high touchpoint areas including shopping trolleys.


It’s like a car wash only free 💁‍♀️🛒🦠 #woolworths #fyp #viral #covid #cleaningtiktok

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“As part of our COVIDsafe program, we are trialling a bespoke customer trolley disinfectant unit at our Oran Park store, which enables customers to push a trolley into a dedicated standalone unit where it is sprayed with disinfectant.

“By completing the cleaning process in under two seconds, the initiative is proving very popular with customers looking for a fast, efficient and fun way to clean their trolleys.

“We’re always looking for ways to make the in-store customer experience more convenient, and will closely monitor customer feedback over the coming weeks.”

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