If we found one of these creatures inside out house, especially in the current state we’re in after being cooped up at home for over a month, we’d be burning the damn thing down, no questions asked.

Okay maybe we wouldn’t be that drastic, but damn we’d certainly be freaking out!

And this one home owner clearly had the same thought process as us after they took to Facebook to express their shock and terror at finding such an odd, alien-like creature, according to Yahoo News Australia.

“SOS – what is this? I am about 60 seconds from burning the house down,” a woman wrote in a Facebook group alongside a photo of a bug-type creature with long, pokey legs.












Of course the post ended up with numerous comments from people guessing at what the critter could be, while others expressed just how terrified they would be if they came across it themselves.

“It looks like a spider with extra legs so it can run faster,” one person said. Okay, terrifying thought but go on…

“It looks like it belongs in the ocean! I’ve never seen an insect like that before,” added another.

“This is most definitely a nope!” another joke. We think that’s what the new name should be. One big NOPE!

“I hope it doesn’t have a big family,” another added.


But apparently the creature isn’t actually a bug but some sort of centipede, which experts say are actually a great addition to the home because they eat other critters.

“Technically it’s not an insect – as it has too many legs,” said David Bock from the Australian Museum to Yahoo News Australia.

Mr Brock expressed that they might look frightening but they’re actually “harmless” to humans and help you out around the house as “they will eat insects and spiders”.

Okay well if you’re going to get rid of the spiders, we guess you can stay. But still, that thing does look super creepy!

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