Today Kyle and Jackie O brought back their incredible Triple Zero Heroes segment that pays tribute to the unsung heroes who take our emergency calls as we play back audio from real life incidents.

While the audio played today was no doubt one of the most heart-stopping ones that we have heard so far, it also came as a massive lesson to all parents, as we heard the moment that a 14-month-old baby boy became electrocuted.

Claire from South Nowra had contacted emergency services back in May after she discovered that her baby boy Oscar had bitten through the 240-volt power cord or a lamp.

Claire explained that the floor lamp was in the area in which Oscar would often play. Somehow he managed to grab hold of the cord and detached it from the actual lamp fixture and bit down on it with the cord still plugged into a power point.

Claire found little Oscar with burns to his mouth and hands and he was screaming in pain, which can actually be heard in the background of the triple zero call.

The call-taker Crystal managed to keep Claire calm and instructed her on what to do until the paramedics arrived on scene to take Oscar to hospital.

And thankfully, Oscar has since been released and is doing well.


But Claire wanted to warn all other parents to be extra cautious about how accessible power cords can be around the home.

Hear the powerful triple zero call in the video above!

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