Have you ever found a hack that changed the way you did things? Maybe it turned a mediocre task into something that takes two minutes, or just made your life a little bit easier?

Well, life hacks certainly have the potential to make life easier – and the only thing better than having a good hack up your sleeve – is having 12 more.

Discover which of these hacks will change the way you do things FOREVER!

#1: Make your wardrobe a dream, not a dumping ground. All you need to do is add a discard bag – a plastic bag will do. Next time you pick something out of your wardrobe and decide not to wear it, think about why that is. Does it not fit properly? Is it a little damaged? Does it not go with anything? If so, put it in the discard bag and free up some space in your wardrobe. Your discard bag can be thrown out after a few months, or donated to charity!

#2: Turn any old plane seat into the ultimate entertainment hot spot. Just add a clear sandwich bag and an iPhone with your favourite shows loaded onto it!

#3: Give your drawers a purpose. Instead of packing your drawers with anything and everything, dedicate your drawers and any other storage spaces to a particular item, like pyjamas, or shorts. This will mean you’re not just viewing the top layer of ‘stuff’ everytime you open the drawer.


#4: Get rid of red wine stains. Use a little white wine and salt to neutralise red wine stains with ease.

#5: Purge before stocking up on storage solutions. Don’t just go out and buy better storage solutions, you’ll end up just stocking them up with the same rubbish. It’s important to first do a big clean up and then buy storage solutions accordingly!

#6: Need to chill your wine fast? Wrap it in a wet towel and put it in the freezer! It’ll be ice cold in half the time!

#7: Keep your shirt collar stiff when travelling. All you need to do is roll up a belt into a circle and place it inside the collar (where your neck normally goes).


#8: Don’t have a phone holder? Use an elastic band instead! #genius!

#9: Wear a hoodie backwards and fill the hood up with popcorn for the best makeshift bowl ever! Look, no hands!

#10: Don’t put up with tangled cords any longer! Use bulldog clips to keep your cords separate.


#11: Then label those cords with bread clips. Genius!

#12: Eliminate clutter hot spots. Does your house always seem to get messy in the same places? Maybe you have a clutter hotspot and don’t even know it. Make sure buckets, storage units and anything that is easy to dump on is gone from these places!

#13: Don’t get stuck sweeping when you take on DIY jobs. Stick a bended post-it to the wall underneath where you’re drilling to catch any mess!

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