Just in time for what seems like the worst heatwave in recent history, a special treat for your dogs has opened in Sydney.

They are some of the ones who really do feel the heat the most, and basically that seems like reason enough to treat them!

The City of Sydney council has opened a dog-ONLY pool for local pups to enjoy some well deserved splash time.

The dog-friendly pool is in a part of the lush Sydney Park in St Peters, where so many four legged pals enjoy some off lead time.

The pool is located at the southern end of the grasslands, just near the City Farm.

If you can’t there, your doggo is also very welcome at Greenhills Beach in Kurnell, Sirius Cove Reserve in Mosman, Dumaresq Reserve in Rose Bay, or Kutti Beach in Vaucluse.

This is a timely reminder that looking after wildlife during extreme weather is just as important, too.


Freezing some water in a container overnight, then left outside during the day in a shady spot(you will have to top it up with water) is a perfect way to create a little drinking station for thirsty friends.

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