A Bunnings Warehouse employee has revealed a little-known fact that there is one item shoppers cannot return if they change their mind.

The retail store is known to have one of the most flexible returns policies in the country, offering you your money back when the item is returned in good conditions with a receipt.

However, you can’t return toilet seats.

Sharing on Reddit, a Bunnings workers said “The only thing I remember declining to refund is toilet seats out of the packaging. If you’re buying a toilet seat, make sure you measure first!”

The bathroom item is one of four listed on Bunnings’ Returns Policy.

The other three are: 

  • Custom made products 
  • Any product cut to your request
  • Tinted Paint.

“These products can still be returned if they are faulty, not fit for purpose or do not match the sample or description,” the website added.

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