Unless you’re using a new towel daily, it’s highly likely that your bath towel is SERIOUSLY dirty. 

Once you use it, the material becomes a breeding ground of bacteria; fungi, dead skin cells and heaps of other gross germs – including ones from the toilet! GROSS. 

While these germs won’t necessarily harm you, they’re there and they multiply VERY quickly! 

So, Tech Insider asked Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University of Medicine, how many times we should be using our towels.. 

No more than three times max! 

And that’s only if you’re hanging it somewhere dry so it can completely air out. 

He also gave a handy tip: “If there is odor coming from the towel, wherever the odor, there are microbes growing so it should be washed.” 


Towels are an ideal breeding ground for microbial life: water, warm temperatures, oxygen, food and a neutral pH. 

While most of the germs in our households (and on our towels) aren’t dangerous, they’re pretty gross regardless! 

Another hot tip: Definitely don’t share your towel with others… because you could potentially come in to contact with organisms that your body isn’t used to dealing with which could lead to pimples or infections! 

Grab your towel and wash it.. pronto! 

Source: Techinsider

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