Not going to lie, flicking through the ALDI “Special Buys” catalogue is one of our favourite mid-week activities.

What could we find this week? A cut-price chainsaw? A 12-man tent? Enough flowers to fill three gardens?

Well this week’s offers look right up the alley of anyone tech-obsessed, not least because the supermarket juggernaut will have a limited number of 165cm 4K Ultra HD TVs on their shelves for less than $800.

The Bauhn-branded LCD television reportedly boasts four times the number of pixels as a regular HD model, meaning that, for $799, your evening Bachelor viewing is about to get a LOT clearer.

If you’re quick enough, you can also get your mitts on a virtual reality headset for a paltry $30, a virtual reality camera for $250 or, our favourite, a “Voyager Quadcopter FPV” drone for under $100.

And WHO doesn’t need a drone?

Top tip for Saturday Special Buys shopping, though, is to get in quick; these babies certainly won’t last long.


Race you there?

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