Sometimes you just look at an invention and think – do I really need this?

But we bet you’ve never heard ANYTHING like this: it’s a cross between a Hammock and a Hot Tub, called the Hydro Hammock.

It hasn’t hit full production yet, it has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the wacky invention.

We can’t say we’ve ever been particularly dissatisfied with our regular bathtubs, but we can’t speak for everyone.

On their websites the creators had this to say about their design: “Durable and portable hammocks ready for soothing hot or cool refreshing water. Relax, rejuvenate and fully stretch out in comfort beyond the constraints of an iron or fiberglass bathtub.”

It can also be used as a liner for a hot tub on sand or snow, and it can also be used for sustainable showering.


The Hydro Hammock can accommodate a 2 hour shower on 11 Litres of water – which would be perfect for drought-stricken regions.

We’ll never look at regular hammocks the same…

Photos: Hydro Hammock

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