In the spirit of Christmas, we thought it time to bring this favourite back out for all those who haven’t been initiated into the club.

You see it’s the perfect solution for those parents who feel the silly season has well and truly spiralled out of control.

Called the Four Gift Rule, parents are encouraged to do what may at first seem impossible – limit their children’s gifts to just four.

1. Something they WANT

2. Something the NEED

3. Something to WEAR

4. Something to READ


For example, something they want could be a bike, a cubby house, a video game or even a doll.

Something they need might be a new bed, desk or money deposited into an investment account.

Something to wear could be a going out outfit, jersey or special shoes missing from their wardrobe.

Meanwhile, something to read would relate to a book to ignite their mind… or even a Kindle.

While it may not work for everyone, it’s a simple idea that remind us it’s the thought that really counts.

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