You know that moment when you get that pristine white shirt out of your cupboard only to find it creased? We’ve all been there. You reluctantly get your ironing board out, and painstakingly press it until it’s perfect. But, what if we said there’s another way…?

a simple laundry hack that will stop your clean clothes from creasing!

It’s easy! Throw two or three ice cubes into your tumble dryer with your wrinkled clothes, place it on high heat for a few minutes, and those pesky creases should completely iron out. 

The simple life hack is circulating the Internet, and has been tested by numerous people. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s science!

When the ice melts in the dryer’s heat, it will inevitably turn into water, which will consequently turn into steam, ultimately doing the exact same job your iron would.

However, the online ironing community (yes, they exist) suggest not overfilling your dryer when using this hack. Try throwing in a couple of shirts or pants, and watch magic happen!

Ultimate Hack: Throw a couple of ice cubes into your tumble dryer with your wrinkled clothes


If you want to ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free, hang them up immediately after removing them from the dryer. If you want to be extra cautious, avoid folding them so they don’t crumple up again. 

Go forth and conquer! 

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